The Client ExperienceThe New Financial Dialogue


As time passes, your financial goals and priorities may change; the road ahead may look pretty different from year to year. But you don’t have to travel it alone. When it comes to your finances, we go where you go.

Starting With You

As Life Changes

After learning more about your story in our Discovery Meeting, our advisory team will guide you through an interactive financial planning experience, where you can explore the “big picture” of your financial future, in real-time:

  • Cash flow planning
  • Estate planning
  • Goal-based planning
  • Investment planning
  • Retirement income
  • College education savings

From there, you’ll get a blueprint of your financial life, a clear vision of your long-term goals and a team of advisors to help you see them through.

Fiduciary Advice

You shouldn’t have to question whether your advisor is considering your best interest when making recommendations for your financial future.

You shouldn’t have to worry that your advisor is putting sales and commissions over personalized service and expertise.

As a registered investment advisor (RIA), we uphold the fiduciary standard of care, which means the only financial recommendations and vehicles we offer are those based on your values, priorities and goals.

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What does being a fiduciary really mean? It means we will:

  • Disclose any conflicts of interest that may compromise our relationship or the services we provide you.
  • Offer sound, objective financial advice and recommendations.
  • Focus on what’s most important to you and your financial life.

For many firms, fees and compensation are taboo topics of discussion. In some cases, the details are unclear, or worse, never fully disclosed to clients. This lack of transparency can give rise to conflicts of interest and faulty practices that fail to meet clients’ best interests, time and again. That’s just not the way we operate — our clients deserve better.

As fiduciaries, we’re committed to being open, honest and transparent with our clients, especially when it comes to our fee and compensation structures. Our advisors receive an asset-based or hourly compensation rate for the services they provide, and we don’t receive any commissions for the mutual fund products and money managers that we recommend. The only obligation we have is to our clients — to provide them with the advice that we believe is the best fit for their financial goals and wellbeing.

If we had it our way, every investor would benefit from the transparency and confidence this model can provide — which is why we’ve been a part of a growing industry focused on providing fiduciary services. Dedicated advisors who recognize you face complex challenges that require comprehensive, objective advice — a standard of service we already deliver to our clients, every day.

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