Private Client Services


Beyond Traditional FP and Investment Management

We recognize that there are many facets to your financial life — all of which require advice that extends beyond what traditional financial planning and investment management offer.

You see, taking the traditional approach won’t help you address questions like:

How do taxes hurt my investment return?
Do I have enough saved for my children’s education?
How much should I withdraw in retirement?

What can our approach do for you?

Our private client services support high net-worth individuals with their diverse financial and administrative activities. Our specialists believe your estate should be handled with the highest level of integrity and expertise. We take an attentive, personalized approach to all of our private client services engagements. Best practices from our time in the field are passed along to our clients to help them protect and grow the value of their estate.

From sophisticated compliance and risk management to routine bill paying, our private client services can function as a “one-stop-shop.” We design financial plans to fulfill current needs, anticipate future changes and achieve your goals.

Are you a Private Client?

Your financial plan should be a reflection of your story. Here are a few signs you may be a good fit:

  • Household wealth of several hundred thousand dollars or more
  • Sudden lump sum from:
    • Inheritance
    • Selling a business, practice or property
    • Retirement or severance package
  • Multi-generation wealth management
  • Complicated trust, tax or estate needs

Your Financial Health Checkup